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Show & Tell

Our deep early morning conversation began like this:


Sydney: “Mom, do you remember when I was a little girl?  You know…when I was five years old?”


Me: “Why, yes I do.” because that was all of six months ago.  (I know I’ve been forgetting a lot of things since I became a mom of three, but a five-year-old Sydney?  This I do remember.)


Sydney: “I was a cute kid.”


Working hard to stifle a laugh, I concurred: “Yep.  You were a very cute kid.  And you still are.”


Sydney has show-and-tell today at school.  She is supposed to bring something that she is thankful for.  Sydney decided that she wanted me to be her show-and-tell.  Today, I am the object of her affection.  My highly challenging, deeply intuitive and strong – both in will and passion – daughter wants to show me off to her entire first grade class as the thing she is most thankful for. 


I’ve never been so honored to be an object.


I’m going to take this day, put it in my heart and never let it go. 


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2 Responses to “Show & Tell”

  1. sister sheri says:

    Oh, my dear! I think I am going to cry! Thank you for sharing that, Amy… ya know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

    Hmmmmm…. now, what should I bring for show-n-tell?

  2. Sylvia Stewart says:

    SO SWEET! Yes, you are honored. You must be raising her right if she’s that proud of her Mama. Hugs

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