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Where Does Jesus Live?

Exasperated, I sat down, put my head in my hands and whispered a quick prayer for strength and patience.  The following is the conversation that ensued:


Me:  “Oh, Jesus.  I need you.”


Jackson:  “Mommy, Jesus not here.”


Me:  “Yes, He is.”


Jackson:  “No, Mommy.  He’s not here.”


Me:  “Then, where is He?”


Jackson:  “He’s at His home.”


Me:  “Where’s Jesus’ home?”  (Here’s hoping he says something like, “My heart!”)


Jackson:  “At His town.”


Me:  “What’s the name of the town?”


Jackson:  “I don’t know, Mama…I don’t know.  Where’s His town?”


Me:  “Does Jesus live in your heart?”


Jackson:  Shakes head, “no”.


Brooklyn eagerly jumps into the conversation at this point:  “Heaven!  His town is Heaven!”


And there you have it.  Where Jesus lives, according to Brooklyn and Jackson.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Sweet!! I just love the simple, beautiful hearts of children :D

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