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I am here again,
Needing your grace again,
Pouring out my heart again,
You have proven faithful again.
I tried again,
To go my own way again,
And you drew me back again,
Your mercy sustains again.
I come weary again,
God, I’m empty and tired again,
I’m reaching for you again,
You hold me in grace again.
So desperate again,
My soul aches for your Word again,
My [...]

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ambition will get you nowhere

We strive. We push. We plan. We pursue. Through blood, sweat and tears we power on to meet our goals, fix our problems and cling to control.
In our striving, pushing, planning and pursuing, we oftentimes find ourselves empty, weary, angry and spent.
We gained, but we also lost.
Ambition will eventually fade into either self-reliance and pride, [...]

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take my life, Lord

“Our significance is measured by the size of the cause that we live for and the price we are willing to pay to accomplish it.” – John York
Two years ago I felt a little nudge. Not just me, but my husband, Joel, as well. It was subtle at first – like someone tapping on my [...]

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quiet time

Quiet Time (1994)
An early morning prayer
A song to the sky
My heart lays before you
The Spirit draws nigh
Adoration and music
Praise abounds from my soul
I fall in love with my Savior
His touch makes me whole
I whisper His name
The heavens rejoice
A new language unfolds
Ringing clear from my voice
In the name of the Father
I bow to the knee
I surrender with promise
My [...]

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brokenness is not failure

“A divine romance exists between the broken and their Creator.” - Embracing Brokenness, by Alan Nelson

Before God can do great things through us, he must do great things in us. And oftentimes this work comes with a price.
We see brokenness as failure, God sees greatness.
We see brokenness as the end, God sees it as a beginning; [...]

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Gracious God in the morning
Your guiding hand through the day
You hold my moments and my mistakes
You are never far away.
Glorious God of the sunset
Painting skies in marvelous hues
Your patient love sustains me
Your promise will see me through.
Generous God of the bedtime hour
When I lay my head down for the night
You have been my sure provider
You [...]

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it’s okay to struggle

The struggle is real.
Disappointment happens. Things don’t go the way we thought they would. Friends stop being friendly. Boyfriends and girlfriends break up. We don’t get the solo in the school performance. We don’t make the team. Our team loses the game. People move away. Jobs change. Homes change. We wrestle with sickness, financial hardship, [...]

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the feeble chosen

“And yet, grace can make a few feeble instruments the means of accomplishing great things – things greater even than we can conceive.” William Burns
You are called.
Sometimes that calling takes you to a place of brokenness. Sometimes it opens doors that make your heart leap. There is always a cost to following God’s call, but there [...]

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I get dead set, locked in, singularly focussed on the only way it could ever be, and oftentimes I walk away disappointed. I think I’ve figured it out. I think I’ve weighed every option. I think there is no other path that could end as happily as the one I’ve constructed in my imagination. And [...]

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so much joy

Every family needs a Brooklyn – a person who notices, who empathizes, who walks with others hand-in-hand, and puts the world before herself. She is fun and energetic, yet self-controlled and wise beyond her years. She is playful and uninhibited, unhindered by the pulls of social media and the pressure to grow up too fast.

Brooklyn [...]

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