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Memorial Day

Last night Joel and I stayed up, as late as I could keep my eyes from going criss-cross from sleepiness, to watch the History channel’s “America: The Story of Us”.  I fell asleep with one thing on my mind, that being the power of the American spirit.

“Freedom is not free.”

Carved into the granite wall of the Korean [...]

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I love the wild and unpretentious things that spring forth from my children’s mouths like, “Mommy, when you’re mad your eyes get red!”  Or “Mommy, I put pee pee in the potty!  I’m a big boy!  You put pee pee in the potty too!  You a big girl!” – such sweet innocence.  Sometimes their simplistic [...]

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Have you been watching the news lately?  The images of the tragedy taken place in Haiti are sobering.  It is impossible to avoid or ignore, even if you don’t watch t.v., the horrifying destruction and devastation that millions of people are living through right now.
I’ve been convicted over the past couple of days that my [...]

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I wrote a post yesterday.  I felt really good about it.  I edited, reviewed, and scheduled it to post this morning. 
Then this morning came.  Today is 9-11.  I felt convicted that I had not taken that into account yesterday as I feverishly worked on my post for today. 
I removed today’s original post.  I’ll re-post tomorrow [...]

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