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Joel is an All-American boy: red, white and blue and, I am convinced, bleeds the Star Spangled Banner.  He was a boy scout growing up too.  Not just a boy – like every other American boy – in a scout troop, but my hubby was an Eagle Scout.  He went all the way, solidifying his “mom and apple pie American-ness”.  He sheds a masculine tear when he hears the song, “Proud To Be An American” and has Brooks and Dunn blaring on his iPod.   That’s my guy – my All-American man.


Then there’s me.  Before Hannah Montana, I was the original “Best of Both Worlds” poster child, mixing my “Born in the U.S.A.”/“Girl of the Savannah” cultures.  Our home is stuffed to the gizzard with treasures I’ve collected from the far corners of the earth: Kenya, Tanzania, France, Belgium, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Singapore, to name a few.  Squeezed into a mixture of priceless family heirlooms and stateside mementos that reflect the multi-facetted me.  


Our cultural backgrounds aside, Joel and I hail from two completely different planets as well (you know, Mars and Venus).  Opposite in temperaments, personalities, stress management, and giftings, we are truly a match-made-in-heaven (because it had to be God that brought we two characters together – it’s the only way to explain us without using the word insane).  Yet, as insane as our union may appear to the human eye, God, in his wisdom, must have seen something extraordinary that could be when two became one.  He must have heard the deep longing in my soul for something a little bit edgy and fun, and he put Joel in my path (who lives his life somewhere between conquering the world and running around with his hair on fire).  God must have known that a guy like Joel would need a fire extinguisher every now and then, and I could bring peace to his storms. 


I am thankful that God spared me from past relationships that I truly believed would be his best for me.  I am thankful that God allowed me to feel the brief sting of rejection and disappointment, when other loves failed.  I am eternally grateful that God gave Joel to me.  I love his passion, intensity, his drive and determination, his teachable spirit that has proved – time and time again – that no matter what, Joel would do anything, give anything, sacrifice anything…for me.  I am his one and only gal, and he is my one and only man. 


Happy Anniversary, Joel!  I love you!

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7 Responses to “Anniversary”

  1. Roberta says:

    What a sweet post!

  2. Happy Anniversary you two!!!! We miss you both!!!! and this:
    (who lives his life somewhere between conquering the world and running around with his hair on fire) is most likely how Jed would describe me ;) … he definitely lives his life putting out my fires. HAH!

  3. Amy says:

    Christelle, your comment has put a smile on my face…and I’m still laughing at your “oops” moment too! :)

  4. Amy says:

    Thanks, Roberta!

  5. Judy Hayburn says:

    I loved your post. You are Joel are destined to do great things. Happy anniversary! I love you both and am so very proud of you.

  6. Mimi says:

    Happy anniversary!! How fast 9 years have gone! Just watched the video, & cried tears of joy again. Have a wonderful day! We love you!

  7. sister sheri says:

    Happy Anniversary to the kid with his hair on fire and his trusty fire extinguisher! What a match!

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