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I spent an unmentionable amount of time staring blankly at my computer screen yesterday afternoon.  I was trying to write up a post for today, but my mind was drawing a blank.  I pulled up a post-in-process and tinkered around with it for a while, but it still isn’t ready.  I perused facebook and twitter to kill time (perhaps hoping for divine inspiration of some sort).  Before I knew it, Jackson was up from his nap, and all the quiet uninterrupted time I had reserved for writing was gone, and I had nothing to show for it. 


I thought maybe I could jump back on the computer once Jackson and Brooklyn found their play groove, but not so much.  Brooklyn asked me to help her make a thank you note for a friend…and I did.  Jackson pulled on my arm and asked me to play with him…and I did.  The afternoon belonged to my kids, and my post went unwritten.


In my mind, the day had been a waste.  I didn’t get anything accomplished that I had hoped.  I was even behind on getting the laundry done.  By dinner time I was feeling out of sorts.  Then, as we went around the table before dinner, and shared what we were thankful for that day, my heart was deeply touched by what my family had to say.


Jackson was thankful for the usual – Mom, Dad, Brooklyn, Sydney and Jackson (yes, he is always thankful for himself – we view this as a positive sense of self) – and then he added another item to his thankful list.  Jackson said he was thankful for me, because I played with him.


Sydney was next.  With her arms flailing for dramatic effect, she declared that she was thankful for having a great…GREAT…day.  This, too, touched my heart because she had been on my mind a lot throughout the day, and each time I would whisper a little prayer for her. 


Then came Brooklyn.  Brooklyn was thankful that I helped her write a thank you note.  She is such a sweetheart.  I didn’t really put a lot thought into how much my time would mean to her, but evidently, it meant enough that she remembered and was thankful.


It was Joel’s turn next.  He paused then simply expressed that he was thankful for “Mommy”. 


Right then and there I was reminded that, although on paper I may not have much to show for my day, it was not a waste.  I did the most important job in the world.  I was the mommy God created me to be for these four amazing people in my life.  For each person it may look a little different, and as we are faithful to be who we were intended to be, we can make a huge impact on our world.


I had asked God yesterday morning to reveal himself to me in a personal way.  Through my family God spoke something sweet to my soul.  As much as they are thankful for me…I am so very thankful for them. 


And once again I was reminded of how much I have to rejoice and be glad in!

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2 Responses to “Something To Be Thankful For…”

  1. Talitha Hansen-Ernst says:

    Thanks for this reminder!! I love the lessons you learn and post for others to benefit from.

  2. sister sheri says:

    Sounds like another wonderful day to be a mother! Good encouragement!

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