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“I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.” Psalm 119:32

My kids are not exactly fans of household responsibilities and chores.  It is not uncommon to hear groaning when they are asked to clean their rooms, pick up their toys, and contribute to the overall upkeep of our home.  They don’t like my “commands”.  They don’t always feel so “free” while doing homework.  Yet, left to their own devices, with the freedom to run their lives, they would probably end up feeling more out of control and insecure.  They love the idea of freedom, but they just can’t handle the immense responsibility that comes with it.

We love freedom, don’t we?  There is something empowering about having the freedom to choose how we live our lives, where we live, what we eat, and who we want to be. Equally, there is something imposing and stifling to imagine someone taking away that freedom and control.

We are a lot like my kids, actually.  We want control.  We want to call the shots on our lives.  We don’t want anyone telling us what we can and cannot do.

And yet, we don’t always do such a great job when left to our own devices.

God has given us great freedom.  And I, honestly, can not find anywhere in the Bible where he invites us to a life of gloom and doom and drudgery.  However, he has given us guidelines for living- not guidelines that will take away our joy and pleasure in life, but guidelines that will enhance and protect our lives.  These commands, if we set our hearts on obedience, will truly set us free.

Our hearts long to pump hope, joy, peace and freedom through every vein of our being.  We long to shed insecurity, fears, burdens and the consequences of our mistakes.

We long to be set free.  But in order to taste the sweetness of freedom, we must surrender.  We must submit to God’s commands.  Obey and trust.  Live honestly and humbly, patient and respectfully.

A heart that is truly surrendered is a heart that is truly set free.

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