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so much joy

Slater Family | Fall 2017-73

Every family needs a Brooklyn – a person who notices, who empathizes, who walks with others hand-in-hand, and puts the world before herself. She is fun and energetic, yet self-controlled and wise beyond her years. She is playful and uninhibited, unhindered by the pulls of social media and the pressure to grow up too fast.


Brooklyn is so much joy.

And she turned 13 yesterday. I’m going to sound a warning signal to all my mom friends yet to hit the teenage milestone: looking at photos that take you through the years of your child’s life is a perfect set up for tears. I’m not going to tell you not to do it, but I will tell you to prepare yourself in advance if you do. Kleenex. Lots of Kleenex.


When Brooklyn turned five years old I wrote this post about her. While eight years have passed since that post, Brooklyn’s sweetness and generous heart have only grown and matured. I am so grateful to be her mother.


Brooklyn, quiet and patiently you wait on the world. Your heart aims to serve and love and understand. Your unwavering faith in God, at such a young age, will only increase as you continue to lean into Him, ask questions, and celebrate His beauty in the world around you. You are trustworthy and true. A loyal friend and gentle sister. I admire your ability to let the cares of this world roll right off your back as you run directly into all that life has to offer. You, my sweet, sweet girl, are a treasure, and the world is more beautiful because of you.

Brooklyn, you are so much joy!

I love you,



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