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When I consider Christmas – when I think about all of the traditions, decorations and planning that goes into this highly anticipated day – I realize that deep at the heart of it all is faith. The kind of faith that believes a child came, a Savior died and resurrected, and a King is returning to make all things right – to bring peace on earth.

Christmas isn’t just about remembering and celebrating an event that took place over two thousand years ago, but it is a statement of faith looking forward and believing in something even greater to come.

Deep in the heart of every man and woman on earth is a longing for God. Many would never recognise or acknowledge this hunger in their lives, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to see the various created gods in all the desperate efforts to find peace. Some seek for peace in the size of their homes or the stuff they accumulate. Others seek for peace in religions that promise self-actualisation, power, or false security. And there are those that look for peace in substances that alter their realities and give them that “feel good” feeling, even if it is brief, and in the end, tragic.

We want peace. We are looking for God.

But if we could just have a little faith.

Hold on to hope.

Be willing to relinquish our self-sufficiency and control, and trust that the promise of Jesus, who came to the world as a tiny baby – God in the flesh – is the same Jesus who has promised to return. Can we have a little faith?

Abraham believed even though he did not see. Even though the culmination of God’s promise was only seen in part before his life was completed. He believed, and it was credited to him as righteousness (Romans 4:3).

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

Have you ever watched small children as they wait and wonder, write their wish lists to Santa, and try to stay up all night on Christmas Eve? They believe. There is no doubt in their young minds that something…someone…is coming. They have faith in the unseen. Santa – Christmas – doesn’t have to be logically explained to them. They trust completely in the magic of the season.

As adults we know that behind the leftover Santa cookies and the surprise packages under the tree is a parent, or grandparent, who has worked feverishly to create joy on Christmas morning. We sometimes lose the meaning of Christmas in the midst of the busyness. We lose our faith. Every time I pull out our Christmas decorations, trim the tree, light a candle, and plug in the lights, it is like a small act of faith. Remembering and looking ahead. Celebrating the event the changed history and the trajectory of my life, and being certain of a future I have yet to see.

Hope is here.

Joy to the world is with us.

And Peace on earth is coming.

Especially this year…don’t lose hope. Don’t hide away in discouragement and distress. Don’t dismiss the Divine because life has made you weary.

Welcome the Savior with all the tinsel and lights.

Anticipate and believe.

Have a little faith.

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