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Have you been watching the news lately?  The images of the tragedy taken place in Haiti are sobering.  It is impossible to avoid or ignore, even if you don’t watch t.v., the horrifying destruction and devastation that millions of people are living through right now.


I’ve been convicted over the past couple of days that my sorrow and condolences for this nation are simply not enough.  While I don’t have thousands – or even hundreds – of dollars to give, I have realized that I must do something.  However, if I am going to donate I want to make sure of two things:  1.  The organization is legit and viable and 2.  Giving is simple.


Here’s one way I found that I can contribute to the cause, and I would encourage you to pray about how/what you, too, can do to reach out:  The U.S. Department of State has recommended texting “HAITI” to 90999.  By doing so you will donate $10 to the American Red Cross.  Thus far  they have received 37 million dollars in donations for the relief effort in Haiti.  While my $10 is a mere drop in the bucket, to say the least, I know every little bit helps. 


Beyond the financial need, Haiti needs my prayers too.  And so, even as I write this, I am praying for the people of Haiti.

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    You set a good example.

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