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As summer is quickly approaching, I am compiling a stack of books to keep me company at the pool, park, beach, Starbucks, airplane, etc.  I love to read, but find myself shelving much anticipated reading projects as motherhood, wifehood and ministry pull at me like tug-of-war.  I’m not complaining (hear me out).  I love (almost) every dimension of this busy life, however, I miss sitting down, uninterrupted, to read anything I want.


Yesterday afternoon I got a jump-start on my summer reading.  A few weeks ago a friend of mine gave me the book, “You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes”, written by Lisa McKay.  I added it to my pile of summer “must-reads”, and turned my focus back to this crazy life I’ve been living.   I have to confess, seeing the book leaning against another lonely book on my shelf, curiosity got the best of me.  I took it down, opened it up and couldn’t pull my eyes away until I heard Joel walk in the door at 6pm.  (Jackson and Brooklyn played quietly and peacefully the entire afternoon…I know…it was nothing short of a miracle, and, what I can only believe to be confirmation that I was supposed to read this book.)


In any case, with only a few chapters left, I have successfully knocked out one book on my summer reading list.  At this pace, I fear I may have nothing left to read by the time June 18th rolls around! 


With summer reading on my mind, I thought I would share with you my list (you may find some inspiration and add a few to your own).  Here we go…starting summer off with a splash… 


Amy’s Summer Reads (thus far…)


As you can see…it’s a little weak.  That’s where you come in!  Instead of me dishing out free advice today, it is your turn to advise me!  Send me your book recommendations (fiction and non-fiction alike).  I could really use some inspiration.  And since we’re on the subject of good reads, I thought, in turn, I would help jump start one of your own reading lists.  By leaving a comment, you will enter yourself in the “All I Need Is Jesus, And A Good Pair of Jeans“, by Susanna Foth Aughtmon, give-away.  This was on my summer reading list last year, and I polished it off in one day.  (You may recall a recent review I wrote  on her second book, “My Bangs Look Good And Other Lies I Tell Myself”.)   Instructions for this give-away are as follows:


  • Leave a comment with a good book recommendation.
  • Winner will be randomly chosen and announced in next week’s Friday’s Free Advice (only those living in the continental U.S. eligible to win).


It’s as simple as that, my friends!   Let’s go summer!

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5 Responses to “Friday’s Free Advice & A Summer Reading Give-Away!”

  1. Tristan says:

    My recommendation for summer reading is-
    Breathe: Creating Space for God in a Hectic Life
    By: Keri Wyatt Kent

    I have read this book two times, and I always come away with hope and new energy.

    Book Summary: Multitasking is becoming the norm for many women who consistently find themselves trying to juggle kids, errands, church activities, jobs, and relationships. For women who have become caught up in the hectic pace of everyday life, this book offers help and hope. Based on Jesus’ call to “Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest,” Breathe shares true stories and practical examples of how to find the rest Jesus promised. This engaging read challenges the lie that a mother’s value is found in what she does rather than who she is. Calling women away from the hectic life, this book shows the way to a central place of rest ultimately found in one’s relationship with God.

  2. Jen says:

    Succulent, Wild Woman by SARK. Fabulous book. Makes you want to get out and be the crazy woman you are intended to be…great manual. You don’t even have to buy it…I”ll bring it to NC but you can’t keep it!!! Get your own!!!

  3. Patti says:

    Can I just re-iterate how good Anonymous is and have that count as an entry?? :) No seriously, Anonymous is LIFE CHANGING!!!
    We are also reading “Strong Women, Soft Hearts” by Paula Rinehart for the Young Adults Ladies Book club….another one to add to your list perhaps? Oh how I love reading…maybe we could plan a girls night out where instead of getting dessert and chatting, we all go to a coffee shop and READ…..I struggle so much with making time for reading!!!

  4. sister sheri says:

    I wish I could be more discerning, but all of these books are truly life-changing… or thought-changing. They all have brought me one step closer to understanding who I am in Christ and how I can reflect that to those I influence or encounter. Just a couple of books I have read so far this year…

    Beth Moore’s So Long, Insecurity
    Mark Batterson’s Primal
    Timothy Keller’s The Prodigal God
    Randy Alcorn’s The Grace and Truth Paradox
    Max Lucado’s Fearless

    I have also just checked out of the library (I read one of her books last year… Be Sweet) Diann Hunt’s RV There Yet? A fiction book about women facing midlife recommended by Women of Faith. It is supposed to be funny. I hope so. I really want midlife to be fun. Not that I am in midlife… but I know a lot of people who are… heh heh… cough.

  5. Turkana W says:

    Ok, I will give you one of my fav’s. Strong Father’s, Strong Daughters. I can’t remember the author. Every dad should read this, BUT so should every mom. It was wonderful to see just what our daughters need from their daddy’s. Moms can be such a help to dads when they know the huge responsibility the dad has. We need to be that support to him.

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