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I’m feeling like big time today.  I actually get to participate in a blog tour for a book written by an author that I have come to absolutely love: Susanna Foth Aughtmon, the original Tired Supergirl.  After reading (in a record, 24 hours – stop the presses!) her first book, All I Need Is Jesus, And A Good Pair Of Jeans, I came to the conclusion that Susanna and I are kindred spirits.  I nodded myself dizzy, laughed out loud, and the phrase “For goodness’ sake!” became a part of my daily word usage.  So, allow me to relish in this big-time moment and share with you my thoughts on Susanna’s latest book release, My Bangs Look Good and Other Lies I Tell Myself.


She had me at “Bang-tastrophe”.  Delivery of Susanna’s book came at the onset of spring break, we had a full house (my parents were visiting from South Africa), and the chicken pox had descended upon our home (as I’ve mentioned several dozens of times on this blog).  Panic was clearly on the agenda.  Weeks prior to this, I had committed to participating in the blog tour for her new book, and I didn’t want to let anyone down.   On the brink of nervous stomach upset, I wondered, “When on earth am I going to have time to read this book and write a quasi-articulate review?” 


I opened the book to take a quick peek and peruse the introduction.  The tears began to flow like Niagara Falls (the good kind of tears – a happy Niagara Falls), accompanied by laughter, reading page after page out loud to my mom while she cleaned up the kitchen for me (bless her heart, I miss her so!).  We both had to stop a few times to catch our breath, wiping the tickled wetness from our eyes.  It was like she had a window’s view to my soul, my past, and my daily mishaps.  Quickly, I realized that getting this book read and reviewed was not going to be as difficult a task as I had earlier stressed it would be.


There are few people in this world that I truly feel capture the angst, joy, wonder, humor, and passion of womanhood, wifehood, and motherhood in such a real and authentic way as Susanna.  Down to earth, right where I am, walking the same road, and wrestling with the same struggles, questions, and unfinished dreams, the transparency and openness through Susanna’s words reminded me that I am not alone on this journey with God.      


Each chapter of the book addresses a lie that the Liar (Satan) works his darnedest to convince us is true about ourselves.  Then, Susanna brings that lie into alignment with the truth in God’s Word, revealing what he actually believes and desires for us, his girls.  The Liar loves to remind us of all the times we’ve messed it up good.  Crippling us with “stinky half-truths”, he jibes at our hearts, taunting that until we get it right, well, we’re toast.    Here’s the thing: truth produces transformation.  God’s truth about us – what he thinks about us, what his plans for our lives are, where he wants to take us – when captured deep in our hearts, will set us free and bring complete transformation.  Sometimes convicting, sometimes affirming, Susanna shines a spotlight on God’s truth, straight from his heart to hers to ours. 


It seems that God is always up to something with me.  Last year, I think he was trying to teach me to appreciate the little things, indescript miracles that were taking place all year long.  I was waiting for the BIG one (you know, the BIG answer to prayer) all the while God was working out the smaller details of my life.  The lesson I learned was as simple as saying “thank you” and realizing just how far God has brought me and my family.


This year, the theme of my life has been “trust” and “grace”.  A timely read, “My Bangs Look Good…” challenged my thoughts on identity in Christ and the unfathomable grace he has for me.  I have a choice on whether or not I’m going to muddle my way through this next year, doing life as I always have, and hoping that there will be some new outcome at the end of it.  On the other hand, I can take a huge leap of faith and trust that God’s tender arms of mercy and grace will catch me as I choose to embrace the raw reality of myself and the transformation God deeply desires for me. 


“If we believe the Bible (and we do), we have a choice.  We get to choose death or life. Hmmm.  Now which one do you want?  Life is light and growth and truth and change, and quite possibly some discomfort and socially awkward situations.  I’m just being honest.  And death?  Death is staying exactly how we are.”

 - Excerpt from Chapter 5


Filled with tear-inducing laughter and a serious look at the woman in the mirror, I challenge all of my readers, and anyone else who will listen to me, to get this book and read it.  You can find it on Amazon today!


Good luck on your journey, and don’t forget, we are not alone.  We’re in this thing together!


Available now at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Awesome, now I want the book.

  2. sister sheri says:

    Amy… if I just hadn’t read the book and wrote a review… you would have convinced me to do so!

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