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inevitable grace


“My grace is sufficient for you.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

In times of refining and breaking and walking through the fire, God is gracious.

Hard to see in the middle of the crucible, but his presence never leaves us…his character never fails.

God’s grace is inevitable regardless of our situation. Regardless of how deep the pain goes or how hard the path unfolds.

His peace passes understanding when we find ourselves standing sure footed as the waves come crashing down around us. We shouldn’t be standing, and yet, here we are. There is nothing to fear. He is near.

There are seasons when we are poured out. Empty from prayer and intense waiting upon God.

His grace is abundant.

It shows up when we are making our beds, cooking our meals, carrying on conversations, holding our children and walking with loved ones. It shows up in our most ordinary tasks.

When we think we’ve gone and messed everything up…this is it…the end…no more grace left to be had…

Inevitably, God’s grace is still there. Holding us together.

God’s grace surrounds us. Keeps us. Sustains us.

It is the force that compels us to keep getting back up and keep trying over and over again.

It doesn’t demand perfection. It can handle the mistakes and the failures. It tells us that we don’t have to be afraid to take that next step.

God’s grace is unavoidable…we can count on it…it is a characteristic of God, it cannot change. It is inevitable because God is unchanging. He is gracious to us, because that is who he is.

I am grateful for this all-sufficient grace.

It is with us in the lions’ den…

In the heat of battle…

In the eye of a storm…

In those seasons of drought…

In those hard-to-share stories…

God’s grace stands…holds us tight…and will never let us go.

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