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I said there was no way I would ever succomb to the ever popular world of blogging. My husband has a saying that blogging is for people who think the world wants to hear what they think and say just as much as they like to share it.

Then my husband went to a conference for work. He came home and asked me if I wanted to start a blog. I looked at him in disbelief, laughed at him and said “heck no!” However, he had been converted to the world of the blogger and quietly encouraged me to just think about it.

Honestly, if people don’t listen to me when I am actually talking to them, what makes me think anyone will listen to me when I write? Seriously.

I thought about it. I do a lot of writing…mostly just for my own peace of mind. I’m not that good at it…yet. I have a dream to one day write a book, and I really don’t share that with very many people either. I am in the process of growing, maturing, developing and discovering. It is hard to be vulnerable and allow – God knows who – to observe from “cyber” distance the many growing pains I am currently, and will in the future, experience.

However, I caved. I decided to give it a go. Take a dive into the World Wide Web of blogging and blabbing.

I don’t know how well or often I will be able to sustain and keep it up. My hope is that, if anything, it will give me more purpose for writing and sharing my life, that will, I pray, touch and encourage someone else in the process.

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  1. sister sheri says:

    Amy – I’m so glad you took up the gauntlet! Looking forward to reading your book!

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