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She’s Come Undone (Almost)

I’m a crazy woman.  Being the “tech-novice” that I am – and by “tech-novice” I mean a person who lives in a constant state of fear that I am one keystroke away from crashing my computer – decided that not only would I start blogging, but I would also purchase and host my own domain.  So simple, I know (note the sarcasm in my voice). 

The domain ownership was not exactly my bright idea.  A friend of mine encouraged me to consider this option, seeing that it could be a strategic move for me down the road.  My initial feeling was to wait, not because I didn’t believe my friend or see the wisdom in her advice.  I was mostly just plain scared to venture into the cyber-world – I am completely cyber-illiterate, you know.  However, after thinking it over for a few days, I resigned myself to the fact that this was, indeed, something I needed to do – sooner rather than later.  So, I took the plunge!

The “easy” part was purchasing the domain and rights to host (and I had a lot of help, too).  Next came the actual creation of the blog.  My brain hurt, my eyes hurt and, at this moment, my mental state is teetering on the brink of insanity.  I’ve pulled my hair, slapped my face, and grunted multiple times at the computer, smacking keys and stomping my feet.  It’s been quite the week.  It was when I started talking to myself in the third person that I decided I needed to take a break and do a little writing.  I didn’t want to unravel right before my children’s eyes, and I‘m a much sweeter mommy when I’m writing.

 As I’ve had a few hours to mull over the week’s events, working with my little sliver of “cyber-pie”, I came up with three lessons I’m learning through this process:

  •  It is never as simple as “just click on this”.  One click leads to another click, which leads to another click.  You have to keep clicking until you reach your desired outcome.  And then, there are usually five more steps to take beyond that.  So, just keep on clicking – which leads to my second lesson… 
  • Clicking on things will not, in fact, crash the computer.  It is actually a great way to explore, learn, and discover all the wonderful intricacies that cyber space has to offer.  Don’t know what “plugins” or “widgets” are?  Just click.
  •  And lastly, while the process may be long and arduous, the end result is well worth it.  (I haven’t quite made it to “the end” yet, but I am highly optimistic that I am going to be very satisfied when I do, indeed, get there.)

 That said:  I just want to say a huge “thank you” to Amy, James, and “Hawkeye” (my new friend at godaddy.com).  You are my own personal “geek squad” – and by “geek” I am in no way insinuating that you are geeks.  You are all super cool in my book and have spared me from coming completely undone. 

 Break time is over, and now back to my blog…

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  1. sister sheri says:

    So, I’m catching up on my blog hopping… and I didn’t see any posts from you… so I go to your old site… and it is gone! Well, we will have to get together so you can discuss the details of what happened while I was away….

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